Five Benefits of Gunite / Shotcrete Pools

Putting together a plan to have your own swimming pool is one of the best ways to enjoy the summer sunshine with friends and family. There are many items to take into consideration, not the least of which is the material from which the swimming pool is constructed. Working with your swimming pool builder will help you make decisions on the type of swimming pool, the construction material, and its shape and size.

The swimming pool contractors at Hawaiian Pool Builders offer these five tips to help you determine whether a concrete (aka Gunite/shotcrete) swimming pool might best suit your lifestyle:

  1. A concrete swimming pool will increase your home’s value. When you’re looking to eventually sell your home, a swimming pool is an investment that will pay off during resale.
  2. An in-ground swimming pool made of gunite will enhance the beauty and ambiance of your backyard. If you add decorative retaining walls to the swimming pool design you can further customize and personalize your swimming pool and your backyard.
  3. A concrete swimming pool will last for decades. Unlike many other pools building materials it doesn’t need replacement. A concrete swimming pool will cost more money up front than other styles of swimming pools but the investment made will be reaped in its durability and beauty.
  4. Concrete swimming pools offer more variety than do other swimming pool building materials. With a concrete swimming pool, the design and style you choose is literally only limited by your budget and your imagination.

The bottom line when it comes to the beauty of a concrete swimming pool is that they are a unique choice for families seeking a unique flair in their pool design. These swimming pools do take a bit longer to construct than others, but the wait is worth it once you know you’ll be spending decades enjoying your custom built swimming pool.