Our Process


Getting Started


The first step in your new pool is our consultation and design phase. This is the most important part of the process because this is where we take the time to learn what your needs and preferences consist of.  We spend time with you, listening to your ideas and sharing options and exploring alternatives that might be available for your specific needs. You may visualize your backyard with a simple sport pool or a lap pool. However, you may picture a complete backyard paradise with waterfalls, grottos, a slide and fire pits! This is a lifetime investment and we want it to be specifically designed to match your dreams.

It is important that we evaluate your site layout and conditions, considering your existing landscaping, trees in the vicinity and even take some measurements of the area.  Some of the first considerations are run-off/drainage, pool positioning for sunlight, your access to the pool, retaining walls, seat walls, seating and feature configurations.  We confirm the position of utility lines and whether or not that will affect your plan. We then review the initial design making sure that you are aware of the options that may be available to you given your specific circumstances.

Once an agreement is in place, we bring it all together back at our office where the design team will review all of your selections and expectations. After careful review they may suggest ways that you can enhance your pool or present ways to make your project more cost efficient while still meeting your needs. We would then complete preliminary drawings for your review. This is the opportune time to make any final changes or ask questions about what is included and provided within your pool structure. You will be put on our construction schedule and we are ready to begin!



After Confirming that your wishes and our construction plan are on the same page, it is time to begin the construction phase. Since 1989, ADI Pools & Spa has been in business with the same ownership, in the same city. As a consumer you know that we could not stay in business this long if we were not providing our clients with a first-class product and service after the sale. We have a dedicated staff that truly understands pool design and constructions and all materials and workmanship are top quality. We stand behind every pool we build and do whatever it takes to satisfy our customers. So grab the camcorder and hold on to your hats, the excitement is about to begin... in a few short months you will have a permanent vacation environment in your very own yard.

A simplistic overview of the construction process for your in-ground pool:

  1. Layout - Measurements confirmed. Locations detailed and marked out.
  2. Utilities - Confirm location of underground utilities.
  3. Excavation - Removal of excess dirt or relocating for future landscaping use.
  4. Plumbing - Piping installed for re-circulation system and features.
  5. Steel - Reinforcement placed throughout the structure. Secure structural integrity.
  6. Electric - Ensure electrical rough in work is complete.
  7. Concrete - Install all shotcrete to create the pool shell.
  8. Equipment room - Install all filtration equipment.
  9. Tile - Tile installed at the pool perimeter and other decorative locations.
  10. Decking - Prepare deck area and install decking.
  11. Electrical - Complete electrical work and hook-ups.
  12. Plaster finishes - Installation of plaster finish coat.
  13. Water fill - Ensure proper pool filling.
  14. Start Up - Initial mechanical start-up and evaluation of system operations. Water chemistry balance.

Close Out


This is the final phase of our process. Construction has been completed and everything is operating properly. You are ready to swim! At this time, we provide extensive instruction to the owners. You will be taught basic care of your pool for maintaining water chemistry balance, how to operate the system, how to clean and winterize. The date of this instruction becomes the authenticating date for all of your warranties. It is a great time for you to ask any questions that you have about maintaining and operating your system. We will leave you with good contact information for ADI Pool and Spa so that you can reach us whenever you have a need. Happy swimming!


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