A sunshelf is a popular addition to your pool that is being used more and more often. You may also know this area as a tanning ledge or tanning shelf, or a thermal ledge. It is a brilliant lounge area and even has the capacity for water features!

This area is a great "safe zone" for the smallest swimmers and can even include bubblers to give the kids that "waterpark" feeling. It is also a splendid place for parents to supervise small swimmers without being completely submersed in the pool water. Adults enjoy this are for soaking up the sun while staying cool or even enjoying a drink in a resort like atmosphere. You can incorporate an umbrella or a mister to make it even more user-friendly!

The sunshelf can also be an amazing focal point where you could strategically place rocks and even a waterfall or sheer desent to showcase this area. Adding mosaics and other details not only highlights the area making it a centerpiece but also shows the shallow depth so swimmers are aware. For those who really like the beach entry but do not have the space required to place the gradual slope of a beach entry, this is a great alternative.

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