Frequently Asked Questions

ADI realizes that you may have many questions to consider prior to proceeding with construction of a swimming pool. Our experienced team of professionals anxiously await the opportunity to address any additional questions that are not covered here. Please feel free to contact ADI at any time prior, during or after the process.

How do i select the right swimming pool contractor?

Carefully... do your homework! Make sure to interview your prospective builder very carefully. Here are a few things to consider.

  • What is the company's reputation in the community?
  • Do you know a friend or neighbor that has used the same company?
  • Can the company provide you with reliable references?
  • How does the company treat you as a potential customer?
  • How long has the company been in business, and how long have they been building in your area?
  • How many pools have they built?
  • Will the company provide you with a detailed written estimate?
  • Will they finish the project in a timely fashion?
  • Is the company financially stable so that there is no risk that you will be left with an unfinished pool?
  • Will they keep your property clean and safe throughout the construction process

Aside from a lengthy history of designing and constructing beautiful and innovative custom pools, ADI is also well known within the industry for offering unparalleled customer service. From helping you understand all of the design options, to clearly communicating what you can expect during the construction process, we make sure that you are well informed during each phase of the project. Season after season, year after year, ADI Pool and Spa has set the standard as an industry leader and will continue well into the future.

How long will it take to build my pool?

Typically, once mobilization takes place, it will take approximately eight to ten weeks to build your pool. The exact amount of time depends on a great many different factors, such as the scope of the project, size of your pool, the weather conditions, and ADI's current work load. Unfortunately an exact completion date is never a certainty because there are just too many variables. And, of course, the concrete for the shell and the decking material needs to cure and set. Designing and building a quality swimming pool takes time. That is one of the many things that our many years of experience have taught us. But always, we aspire to reach our common goals as quickly and as pain free as possible! You'll be swimming before you know it!

Is there much maintenance with a swimming pool?

Like every mechanical device, a swimming pool needs to be cared for and maintained. But it is not complicated. Today's self-cleaning systems are very low-maintenance so that you just need to follow a few simple steps to keep your pool clean, clear and safe. When we finish your pool, we will outline a complete pool care program specifically for you. It is something you can do yourself easily enough, but if you would like us to take care of it for you, we can do that! We have a service department that will take care of everything from cleaning, brushing, chemicals and maintenance for a regular monthly fee,

Will a pool increase the value of my home?

Yes! Most studies show that a gunite, in-ground pool will increase the value of your home anywhere from 7% to 15% depending on where you live in the country. Banks and other lending institutions often look favorably upon swimming pool financing, considering it a "home improvement" that will increase both the current and the re-sale value of your home.

Who will be building my pool? Do you use subcontractors?

From the excavation phase all the way through to the plaster phase, all of the skilled craftsmen who work on your pool are part of the ADI team. We believe that this is one of the many factors that allows us to continually create swimming pools with the highest quality possible and it also eliminates many scheduling headaches.

What does your warranty and guarantee cover?

Probably more than you will ever require! From manufacturers of the products we use and also our guarantee from ADI Pool and Spa, we cover our work and the products we use. The fact is, you have our name on everything! That means that if there is a problem with anything at all, there is no need to contact a manufacturer or supplier, you can simply call us! After all, you bought it from us and you should expect us to make it right.

Why is there such a large range in the pricing I can receive from one pool contractor to another?

Although it is not always the case, some pool companies advertise lower prices because they are giving you a lesser product. You might not be able to notice inferior quality for a few years, but there is a difference! These "cheaper"pool companies use "cheaper" materials, transient and often poorly trained crews, and lower quality mechanical equipment and cleaning systems. They skimp on the amount of concrete and reinforcing steel bars in the pool shell and they build a less substantial deck. There are a lot of ways for them to save money and build you a "cheaper" pool. But in the long run, it is not cheaper at all. Poor quality is always, sooner or later, expensive and more costly in the end. The fact is, and ADI pool will be the best quality and the best value at any budget. If you want to save money, we'll show you options that will not affect the quality of your finished product. We suggest you review the cost differences carefully to confirm you are receiving the quality that you are expecting.

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